4 Reasons to Build Your Own Drone – DON’T Buy One!

We’re at the pinnacle of the drone revolution and we think it’s important to learn how they work. Why, you ask? Because this is just the beginning of an evolution! Have you been watching the Internet of Things (IoT) or the world of drones developing around you? The miniaturization of electrical components have made quadcopter technology thrive over the past few years!

I’m about the break down some reasons why you should consider building your own drone instead of buying a commercial drone off the shelf.


1. Learn how they’s fun!
The most important thing to note is you don’t need to be a technical guru to understand how they work. It’s basically a helicopter with four synchronized rotors. Quadcopters are actually much simpler than you may think. In fact, there are only 9 components required to get up in the air and 3 additional ones if first person view (FPV) flying interests you like it does us.

Required Components (9)
Carbon Fiber Drone Frame (Gorilla Wing is our favorite!)
Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs)
Power Distribution Board (PDBs)
Flight Controller
LiPo Battery
Radio Transmitter

Optional Components (3)
FPV Camera
FPV Video Transmitter
FPV Goggles


2. When it breaks you will know how to fix it
Let’s get something straight... you will absolutely crash your new drone! If your drone has survived a few crashes then consider yourself lucky. Believe me, it’s just a matter of time before something bends, breaks, cracks, or smokes. The unfortunate reality is drones don’t survive many hard crashes. However, don’t panic because you now have gained intimate knowledge during the build process and it will be much easier to troubleshoot, repair, and fix.


3. It’s Cheaper!
This one is my favorite! You don’t have to pay extensive manufacturing markups because you’re assembling the quadcopter yourself. Also, you’re not bound to overpriced replacement components specifically designed for the prebuilt commercial models. Overall, the individual components for homemade quadcopters are much cheaper.


4. It’s Easier to Upgrade
The industry is rapidly moving and the technology keeps improving. Manufacturers are constantly packing more features and functionality into smaller and lighter packages.  So, if you’re ready to upgrade to higher powered motors, move responsive ESCs, or a FPV Drone Racing Frame it’s much easier. There is a large variety of parts and components to choose from and most of them are interchangeable, so experiment with the combinations.