FPV Drone Racing

FPV Drone Racing: More Than A Passion

It is the new world of gaming-card games like Magic the Gathering, and table top games such as Pathfinder. The world of gaming is constantly evolving from virtual reality and non-social interactions to hands-on, social gaming. Included in this hands-on type of gaming is the wild world of FPV Drone Racing. The pilots in this particular “game” are very passionate about the types of drones used, and about the seconds shaved off their times in the obstacle courses. When I was prompted by nerdiness to write this article, my first question was probably like yours; what exactly is FPV Drone Racing?

FPV Stands for First Person View, and Drone Racing is exactly what it sounds like-a hands on, involved social event for techi-nerds alike to build their own drones and race them at lightning speeds.

Something I found interesting was that people with physical ailments can race as a way to get out of the house and enter back into social life-despite physical limitations and being able to use this as an excuse to simply lay in bed all day. These people with physical limitations do not; however, use this as an excuse. They get out and race drones! This is appealing to me because a huge part of the reason why many people game in the first place is because they live with chronic pain. I personally know several people that would definitely be interested in picking up drone racing in their free time, or as a full-time hobby!

This also is a good way for teens and young adults who seem to be stuck in the house on Xbox and Play Station to socialize. FPV Drone Racing has all of the qualities of a video game-using intelligence, problem-solving skills, competition-to say the least, but it gets these audiences out into the real world so that they can socialize and share common interests, such as what techniques work for which drones, and which failures they have experienced in their racing career.

Drone-racing combines virtual reality with actual reality. Players can build their own drones, ranging from $150 and up, or they can buy pre-made drones.

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First, one must do research. There are many YouTube videos on drone racing, and what the proper tools and techniques are from professionals and enthusiasts alike. You can have a quadcopter (four propellers) or hexacopters (six propellers). If you have a quadcopter, it’s typical to¬†have 250 millimeters between propellers or less for example, the QAV210. Pilots wear unique virtual reality goggles and mount an FPV camera on the front of the drone to hyper-navigate their way through the courses and obsticals!


For example, CharpuFPV and RCGroups are two YouTube channels dedicated to the game. They tell you the specifics of which materials to use to build, how to build, and provide videos of actual races. With that, you should be able to get out there, and get started. Happy racing!