FPV Drone Racing: More Than A Passion

It is the new world of gaming-card games like Magic the Gathering, and table top games such as Pathfinder. The world of gaming is constantly evolving from virtual reality and non-social interactions to hands-on, social gaming. Included in this hands-on […]

4 Reasons to Build Your Own Drone – DON’T Buy One!

We’re at the pinnacle of the drone revolution and we think it’s important to learn how they work. Why, you ask? Because this is just the beginning of an evolution! Have you been watching the Internet of Things (IoT) or […]

5 Tips Every Drone Beginner Should Know

So you’ve picked yourself up a brand new drone, carefully unpackaged it, and you’re excited to get in the air, well you’re not alone. Last year over one million drones were sold worldwide mostly to new pilots with little no […]

4 ways Industry Will Grow by Flying Drones

Unmanned aircrafts or drones can appear quite intimidating if you have seen them buzzing around the sky. They were the number one sales category this holiday season. Christmas 2015 will be known as the year of the drones. With that […]

LiPo Battery C Ratings – What you need to know about them

Battery technology is always continuously evolving. The cell phone revolution has certainly spawned large capital investments in this space. In the past decade several varieties of batteries have been tried and tested but Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries are currently the […]